Wisdom of the Elders Indiegogo Campaign for Climate Radio Series

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Our Indiegogo Campaign to raise matching funds for Wisdom of the Elders Radio Program: Series Four. Wisdom was funded by National Endowment for the Arts to produce this series featuring Alaskan, Washington and Oregon tribes and their response to unprecedented environmental and climate issues.

You can check it out here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indigenous-response-to-climate-change-wisdom-radio-series-four

Wisdom of the Elders is producing one-hour Native American public radio programs for a national audience. This oral history, cultural arts and climate science series will feature the rich voices of exemplary Native elders, storytellers, song carriers and scientists who provide Traditional Ecological Knowledge as well as their perspective on unprecedented environmental and climate issues.

Wisdom’s production team traveled to Alaska in August and September to record 28 Alaska Native elders for our fourth radio series, on compelling climate and cultural issues. Our radio series has aired on Native American, public, and community radio stations nationwide since 2002. Wisdom of the Elders Radio: Series Four is funded by National Endowment for the Arts and we must raise 1:1 matching funds. So we are asking our community for assistance to accomplish this. Our production team of 12 is very committed to our work, despite the fact that they are very under-paid for their skills and talents. Help us by networking among your friends and colleagues and let them know to check out our work, this will help us produce the first two in this series of 8 one-hour radio programs.

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