Wisdom’s long awaited Native Wisdom Film Festival is now scheduled for Saturday afternoon, April 15, 2017, at Whitesell Auditorium/Portland Art Museum. Tickets available at the Northwest Film Center website.
 In partnership with Northwest Film Center, we will screen all four of our documentary films featuring Alaskan Native peoples and Oregon tribes, their response to emerging environmental issues and their rich cultural arts.  You can view the trailer for the coastal documentary here:


Schedule of Film Screenings and Community Consultations:
Friday and Saturday, April 28 and 29 – University of Oregon Longhouse
May 17-20 – Oregon State University TEK Conference at OSU Longhouse

 Wisdom’s new Educator CarlaDean Caldera is currently recruiting several new interns for the upcoming Wisdom Workforce Development program. This workforce program trains Native American adults in environmental assessment and habitat restoration work during classroom education and service learning in local natural areas. Interns receive a stipend for their service learning activities. For more information you can call CarlaDean at (503) 775-4014 or email her [email protected]