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Turtle Island Storyteller Elaine Grinnell

Elaine Grinnell

Elaine Grinnell



Turtle Island Storyteller Pauline Hillaire

Let Them Stay

Pauline Hillaire

( Speaks in Language)

To interpret what I said is merely an introduction. Hello my friends and relatives. I’m happy to be here today and my name is Pauline Hillaire and I come from the Lummi Nation.

Today I’d like to share with everyone that I am a storyteller. I am a historian. I’m a genealogist and I tell legends in schools and teach Indian songs to the kids to pass it on. It’s time for sharing. One of the things I do talk about in schools is the true stories – especially from the government documents.

Turtle Island Storyteller Harvest Moon


Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon



Klahowyah means hello. Like Aloha, Klahowyah also means goodbye.

My name is Harvest Moon. I’m a Quinault native, storyteller and basket weaver. My name, Harvest Moon, was given to me by my great grandfather.

Turtle Island Storyteller Gene Tagaban

Our Life is a Story

Gene Tagaban

Gene Tagaban

(Speaks in language)

I just said, “Hi”. My Tlingit name is Guy Yaaw’. I’m from the T’akdeintaan Clan, the Raven Freshwater Sockeye Clan from Hoonah, Alaska. I’m the child of Wooshketaan, Eagle Thunderbird Clan (L) in Juneau, Alaska. The original name of Juneau is called (L)”the place where the flounders gather”.

I’m the grandchild of a Thunderbird, (speaks in language). I am Tlingit, Cherokee and Filipino.

Turtle Island Storyteller, the late Vi Hilbert

The Cedar and the Salmon 

Vi Hilbert

I’m Vi (Taq.Se.Blu) Hilbert, daughter of Louise and Charlie Anderson, from the Upper Scagit tribe, which is near Cedar Woolley near the Scagit River.

The cedar and the salmon. People in our culture, the salmon were people. Each species was known to come and go at certain times and they were honored for the lives that they gave to my people for sustenance. They were honored in song and prayer. They were spoken to as if they would understand everything that was said to them because everything that has life also has spirit.

Turtle Island Storyteller Joyce Victoria Ross Button

I Have Enjoyed My Life 

Joyce Victoria Ross Button

My name is Joyce Victoria Ross Button. I work at the Yakama Nation Library. I’ve been here back and forth for about ten years. I’ve been working mainly in the Strong Heart Room. It’s a collection of rare books that Nepal Strong Heart had when he was back in the black and white films.

I’m also a storyteller. I come from a long line of storytellers. My mother was from the Columbia River Moses band and Kalispell Kootenai tribes. I also am Yakama descendant.

I’m forty-eight years old and I go to the schools and tell the Yakama legends, the Kootenai and Kalispell legends. I get the children involved in the story to where they’re playacting out their parts.