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Turtle Island Storyteller Allen Pinkham

Nimiipuu: Children of the Coyote
A Symbol of Peace

Allen Pinkham

My name is Allen Pinkham. I’m a Nez Perce or Nimiipuu person. My Indian name is Pax ut hi ka tin as given to me by my father, which means five rays of light. My father’s name, Qel qel qinewho, (old man spider), was the son of Eloo si le katsit,(sending message from a high point), who was involved in the 1877 War. From my mother’s side, she was Wi in ton, (singing while going to mountains). She’s a Black Eagle. The Black Eagles are descended from the Red Bears, who had met Lewis and Clark in 1805 and ’06. I partly grew up on a Nez Perce reservation and partly over at the Yakama Reservation also.

Turtle Island Storyteller André Picard

A Little About André

Andre’ Picard

André L Picard, from Lapwai, Idaho, is a Nez Perce Nation member, married and dad of two. Plays Native American flute, singer and drummer. Musical achievements: featured on Smoke Signals, featured on over seven CDs including two which won at the Native American Music Industry Awards. My teachings comes from a long line of musicians and song composers. I have been taught the old ways as well as keeping up with the new ways.

Turtle Island Storyteller Angel Sobotta


Angel Sobotta

(speaks in Nez Perce)

Good day, everybody. (ta’c halaxp) ‘iin wen’ikise Angel Sobotta. (‘iinim titooqan wen’iikt wees, ta-lalt-lilpt – Sunset. My name’s Angel Sobotta and my Indian name is Ta-lalt-lilpt – Sunset. (‘iin wees) Nimiipuu. I am Nimiipuu, the Nez Perce. Nimiipuu is our name that we call ourselves, and it means ‘the people.’

Turtle Island Storyteller Diane Mallickan

We Are in a Heritage Generation

Diane Mallickan

Diane Mallickan

My grandparents are Shoshone Paiute. So I have a lot of family down in California and Nevada, and my mother was Nez Perce. So we were raised actually in both places. We lived in the Lochsa area up here. That’s all National Forest in there. We spent our winters up here and our summers down in northern California.

Turtle Island Storyteller James Spencer

Look Around

James Spencer

I’m James Spencer and I’m from the Nez Perce tribe and I also have blood ties to the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Ojibwa. I’m a storyteller, flute player and I do a lot of the native crafts. I focus a lot on the stories because they’re very important to our people. The children would hear the stories every wintertime from the time they were in cradleboards all the way until they grew up and they became the ones to tell the stories to the children. It was said that the only time to tell stories is in the wintertime or when you were traveling. In the summer months you had to gather foods and prepare them for the long winter months ahead.

Turtle Island Storyteller Josiah Pinkham

My Indian name is Tipyelehne Cimuuxcimux

Josiah Pinkham

My name is Josiah Black Eagle Pinkham. I’m a member of the Nez Perce tribe. I was born on the Yakama Reservation, but shortly after birth raised on the Nez Perce Indian Reservation. That’s the only place that I’ve basically gone to school as far as my formal non-traditional education. Most of what I’ve learned comes from studying, listening and watching some of the old people. I guess they’re the ones that reared me and taught me what I know.