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Turtle Island Storyteller Victor Mandan

Victor Mandan

Victor Mandan

Where Miracles Happen

Hello, my people. I am Gun Guarding House. I am from the Mandan Tribe, and I have been asked to say a few words today .

We are losing stories every time we lose a person, and we are losing our elders very rapidly. There was a man buried just last week who could have been an immense help to me because he was of the Antelope Society, and I have a question which concerns those people and I didn’t get to ask him.

Turtle Island Storyteller Jerome Kills Small

Jerome Kills Small (Oglala Sioux)

Jerome Kills Small
(Oglala Sioux)

We Act Out the Creation Story

I’m Jerome Kills Small from the Pine Ridge Reservation in western South Dakota. My Lakota name is Sisoka Luta (shee-sho-kah Loo-tah), which translates to Red Robin, but I always say Cardinal .

Turtle Island Storyteller Marie Randall

Marie Randall


Le anpetu ki han, woaglakin kta yunkan. Sicangu Oyate ki hetanhan. Tiospaye Wah’peluta, Tiospag’ Hetahan imaca he. Nahan Tunkasila Weyakihan Mato Wahancunka iceyapi. Bear Shield. O nahan, Unci Weyaki Itasipa Wicaku Win eciyapi.

Takes the Bull Away, is my grandma’s name. My mother’s name is Anawazipi Win. Jealous of Her is her Indian sacred name. These are all sacred names that we carry in Lakota life. My dad’s name is Brush Breaker, which means breaking of a brush limb to save his people. That’s one of the sacred names that he carried for his father. I was chosen as an adoption of a relative. They gave me the name of Oyate Akitapi Win. Nation Woman is my name.

Turtle Island Storyteller Anne White Hat

Anne White Hat

Anne White Hat

Anne White Hat (Teton)

O mitakuwiyape, cante waste na pecuzape. Ohitika Winmiye.

My name is Anne White Hat, and I come from Rosebud, South Dakota. Our family comes from my mother’s side, the Mato Ahuncika family and we’re also part of the Aske Tiospaye. That is in the Rosebud Reservation area.

Turtle Island Storyteller Earl Bullhead

Earl Bullhead

Earl Bullhead

Spirit of Song

Without having an understanding of or researching who you are and how you identify with your culture. If you understand how important language is, then that’s the focus. That’s preservation, and that’s what I’m into.