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Executive Producer Rose High Bear

Rose High Bear (Deg Hit’an Dine or Alaskan Athabaskan), Executive Producer of the national public radio program series, Wisdom of the Elders, has developed the concepts for the project and its six features. She has raised funds for the current Native American cultural magazine radio series, recorded most of the archival audio material, and expanded Wisdom…

Program 102: Turtle Island Storytellers

Rose High Bear

Rose High Bear

Gramma Sophie

with Rose High Bear

Arlie Neskahi:
Though the circle of the seasons seems constant and unvarying, the circle of a people can be disrupted, re-arranged, forever changed. We try to comprehend such moments of change through the study of history, culture, politics. But sometimes a clearer picture emerges when we view such changes through the eyes of a single person. Rose High Bear shares memories of her grandma, a granddaughter’s story – Gramma Sophie.