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Turtle Island Storyteller Calvin Grinnell

Three Tribes in My Blood

Calvin Grinnell

Calvin Grinnell – Hidatsa-Mandan-Arikara

I’m Calvin Grinnell, a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes, the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation. I’m a member of all three tribes. I’ve all three tribes in my blood, as well as a little French, of course. My Indian name is Running Elk. I’m a descendant of the Hidatsa chief, Four Bears, who signed the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 delineating the boundaries of our homelands.

Turtle Island Storyteller Edwin Benson

One of Us

Edwin Benson (Mandan)

Edwin Benson – Mandan-Hidatsa

(speaks in Mandan language)

My grandfather was a full blood Mandan. My grandmother who died in earlier years, that I didn’t know, was a Hidatsa lady. At that time they called them Gros Ventres. In later years they called them Hidatsa. She only spoke that language. Alone my grandfather spoke the Mandan language. Of course in later in years he was able to speak both languages. That left just my grandfather and me. My dad was left at the home place while the older sister and brother left for school (boarding school). My first language was the Mandan language. Everything at home was all the Mandan language or known as the Nu’itah language.

Turtle Island Storyteller Keith Bear

The Spirit of the Flute

Keith Bear

I’m Keith Bear, I live on Ft. Berthold Reservation

I kind of started life as a Sioux boy and ended up being raised bi-culturally, Sioux Mandan with my mother and my relatives here, emphasizing the Mandan/Hidatsa part and then in first grade, shortly before first grade I was place in my first foster home and in 12 years of school I lived in fourteen non-Indian homes, not including the relatives I was spending time with during vacations and holidays and things like that back home here. So, cultural diversity, I got a first hand experience pretty much all my life.

Turtle Island Storyteller LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard – Oglala Lakota

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

My name is Ladonna Brave Bull Allard. I’m from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. I live in Fort Yates North Dakota.

I’m a mixed blood, so I have to tell you about both.

The Ihunktonwan from the Jamestown Valley, and so we lived in the Jamestown Valley before the White Man came. And then on the other side, the Lakota, the Hunkpapa and the Blackfeet, they lived more west. They didn’t live on the river here. They lived out by Rock Creek, Lemon, South Dakota, in those areas, north of the Black Hills. We didn’t come towards the river until the Mandan and the Arikara were gone.

Turtle Island Storyteller Leo Lockwood

Leo Lockwood

Leo Lockwood

My name is Leo Lockwood. I’v e been very involved in music. I think music has been my, one of my best strengths and it’s been one of my resources that I’ve used to kind of keep me in track as far as where I’m at today.

Turtle Island Storyteller Loren Yellow Bird

Loren Yellow Bird

Loren Yellow Bird

My name is Loren Yellow Bird. I’m a member of the Arikara tribe. I work for the National Park Service. If you’d say that in the Arikara language or Sahnish is what we say, I’d say (speaks in language).

We go back to what we call our chiefs and our leaders that way. Most chiefs have to do something to try to prove themselves and it’s just to show that they can take care of their people. I mean it, politicians, you know, it’s that type of thing where you gotta try to do things to show that you care about who you’re expecting to take care of.