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Turtle Island Storyteller Alma Hogan Snell

The Spirit of Pretty Shield

Alma Hogan Snell

My name is Alma Hogan Snell. I am from Yellowtail, Montana. That’s at the foothills of the Little Big Horn. Oh! The Big Horns, really. That’s where I live with my husband. My daughter and her husband live above us. That’s where I’m from. I’m a child of the Whistling Water.

I belong to the Greasy Mouth Clan, my mother’s, and Pretty Shield. Pretty Shield is my grandmother. I didn’t know my mother. She was gone when I was about a year and a half. She died due to an accident and complications from it. I didn’t know anyone by Mother except Pretty Shield. We always said “Kale” which means grandma.

Turtle Island Storyteller Barney Old Coyote

Barney Old Coyote

Barney Old Coyote - Photo courtesy of Jackie Bissley

My name is Barney Old Coyote. I’m a Crow Indian. I’m from the Crow Reservation in Montana.

In 1942 when my brother, Henry and I came home on a furlough before we went overseas, in a ritual that goes back into the tribal past and into the more recent practices, they had one of those old scouts do what we call a “warrior’s blessing” for us. He did not fight at Little Big Horn, but he rode with the cavalry. He was what we called a scout or, an enlisted man. My own grandfather was an enlisted man. He fought at Battle of Rosebud with General Crook, and he was one of the two Crows wounded at that battle. So Old Coyote, my namesake, where I get our surname was a member of the U.S. forces. So I knew some of them personally.

Turtle Island Storyteller Curley Youpee

My People

Curley Youpee

My name is Curley Youpee. I’m a Minicoujou, Hunkpapa; Lakota and Pabaksa Dakota. I live on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Poplar, Montana. My ancestors came to Montana as a result of the Dakota uprising in Minnesota and also the unfulfilled treaty obligations, which brought on starvation of the people on the reservations of Cheyenne River and Standing rock.

Turtle Island Storyteller Dorrance Comes Last

Native Siouxperman

Dorrance Comes Last

Dorrance Comes Last

Q. When we start out, just tell me your name and what you go by and like that.

Dorrance Comes Last. It’s either Bodu, just a nickname I have you know, for a real long time, but my rap name is just Native Sioux-Per-Man.

Q. Native Sioux-Per-Man.

Yeah. S-i-o-u-x.

Turtle Island Storyteller Jack Gladstone

Jack Gladstone

Jack Gladstone

My name is Jack Gladstone a member of the Blackfeet Indian Nation. I’m enrolled on the Blackfeet Reservation in northwestern Montana and I’m a member of the Fisheater Clan of the Blood Division. Also I live currently between the Flathead Valley in northwestern Montana and the Blackfeet Reservation and the St. Mary’s Valley.

Turtle Island Storyteller Joe McGeshick

Joe McGeshick

Joe McGeshick

I’m Joe McGeshick. Born and raised here on the Fort Peck Reservation. Forty-two years old. I’ve been in Indian education for about twenty-five years, taught high school and college level. Currently teaching at Fort Peck Community College, Native American Studies and History. Attended universities at Montana State University and Washington State University. Also taught at both of those institutions. Moved back here to Fort Peck Rez five years ago and been here ever since.