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Brian Bull

Producer Brian Bull (Nez Perce), has been involved in public radio for nearly 20 years. He’s worked with public radio stations in Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and now 90.3 WCPN ideastream in Cleveland, Ohio. Bull has completed freelance work for PBS, Minnesota Public Radio, NPR’s Cultural Desk, and Morning Edition. Bull’s reporting has earned him numerous honors, including…

N. Scott Momaday

N. Scott Momaday

N. Scott Momaday

N. Scott Momaday’s baritone voice booms from any stage. The listener, whether at the United Nations in New York City or next to the radio at home, is transported through time, known as ‘kairos”and space to Oklahoma near Carnegie, to the “sacred, red earth” of Momaday’s tribe. Born Feb. 27, 1934, Momaday’s most famous book remains 1969’s House Made of Dawn, the story of a Pueblo boy torn between the modern and traditional worlds, for which he won a Pulitzer Prize and was honored by his tribe. He is a member of the Kiowa Gourd Dance Society. He is also a Regents Professor of Humanities at the University of Arizona, and has published other novels, memoir, plays and poetry. He’s been called the dean of American Indian writers, and he has influenced other contemporary Native American writers from Paula Gunn Allen to Louise Erdrich.

Momaday views his writings, published in various books over the years, as one continuous story. Influences on his writing include literature of America and Europe and the stories of the Kiowa and other tribal peoples.

“Native Americans have a unique identity,” Momaday told Native Peoples Magazine in 1998. “It was acquired over many thousands of years, and it is the most valuable thing they have. It is their essence and it must not be lost.”

Momaday founded The Buffalo Trust in the 1990s to keep the conversations about Native American traditions going. He especially wanted to give Native American children the chance to getting to know elders, and he wanted the elders to teach the children the little details of their lives that make them uniquely Native American. Once the Buffalo Trust arranged for Pueblo children to have lesson from their elders in washing their hair with yucca root as their ancestors did for as long as anyone can remember.

“In the oral tradition,” Momaday has said, “stories are not told merely to entertain or instruct. They are told to be believed. Stories are realities lived and believed.”

Lawrence Johnson

Lawrence Johnson is highly respected by Native American tribes for his cultural sensitivity and knowledge, as well as his collaborative skills with Native American people. He also has demonstrated the high standard of his production skills and a gift for scripting. Johnson’s radio program Work Is Our Joy won the 1991 golden Reel for Local…

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Wisdom of the Elders

Series One Wisdom of the Elders Radio, our first series of eight one-hour radio programs from Native America, was produced in Portland, Oregon and the host is Arlie Neskahi. Each program includes the following segments: Elder Wisdom Health and Healing Tribal Rhythms                          …

Milt and Jamie Lee

Milt and Jamie Lee

Milt Lee (Lakota), Director of Lee Productions, produced Oyate Ta Olowan, the 52 part documentary series on traditional Native American music which ws distributed by PRI, AIROS, Radio for Peace International funded by CPB and NEA. Recipient of five Golden Reel Awards from NFCB and 2 Silver awards from AMI for radio documentaries produced between…

Program 106: The Harvest

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Monacan Pow Wow Dancers 2003

Monacan Pow Wow Dancers 2003

Elder Wisdom:
Barbara Roberts features segment two of the Monacan nation, including the 18th Century Monacan village being reconstructed at The Natural Bridge in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Chief Branham and two elders discuss how they still gather from the abundance of wild foods their ancestors relied upon as well as from their apple orchards at home on Bear Mountain.

Health and Healing:
Judy Bluehorse Skelton tells how she follows the plants through the seasons, focusing upon the summer season. She discusses gathering St. John’s Wort, “a beautiful little yellow flower which blooms in June. You gather the fresh flowers before they’re pollinated which means you’ve got to beat the bees to it.”