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Turtle Island Storyteller Barney Old Coyote

Barney Old Coyote

Barney Old Coyote - Photo courtesy of Jackie Bissley

My name is Barney Old Coyote. I’m a Crow Indian. I’m from the Crow Reservation in Montana.

In 1942 when my brother, Henry and I came home on a furlough before we went overseas, in a ritual that goes back into the tribal past and into the more recent practices, they had one of those old scouts do what we call a “warrior’s blessing” for us. He did not fight at Little Big Horn, but he rode with the cavalry. He was what we called a scout or, an enlisted man. My own grandfather was an enlisted man. He fought at Battle of Rosebud with General Crook, and he was one of the two Crows wounded at that battle. So Old Coyote, my namesake, where I get our surname was a member of the U.S. forces. So I knew some of them personally.