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Turtle Island Storyteller Allen Pinkham

Nimiipuu: Children of the Coyote
A Symbol of Peace

Allen Pinkham

My name is Allen Pinkham. I’m a Nez Perce or Nimiipuu person. My Indian name is Pax ut hi ka tin as given to me by my father, which means five rays of light. My father’s name, Qel qel qinewho, (old man spider), was the son of Eloo si le katsit,(sending message from a high point), who was involved in the 1877 War. From my mother’s side, she was Wi in ton, (singing while going to mountains). She’s a Black Eagle. The Black Eagles are descended from the Red Bears, who had met Lewis and Clark in 1805 and ’06. I partly grew up on a Nez Perce reservation and partly over at the Yakama Reservation also.