Program 107: Tribute to Native Artists

Audio and Transcripts

Moonlight Stick Indian Raku. Lillian Pitt.

Moonlight Stick Indian Raku. Lillian Pitt.

Elder Wisdom:
Barbara Roberts features world-renowned Wasco mask maker and artist, Lillian Pitt. She shares how her art reflects her cultural heritage as a Wasco, offers additional background on the inspiration behind some of her masks, especially from the famous Columbia River petroglyph, “She Who Watches.”

Health and Healing:
Judy Bluehorse Skelton shares that the healing arts take many forms and can be found in abundance throughout the natural world. Today she reveal the art of making and using essential oils and shares how the beauty and aroma of flowers and trees offer healing of our physical as well as our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Tribal Rhythms:
This feature spotlights several contemporary musicians, describing and playing their music as a diverse expression of art. Nico Wind introduces us to several contemporary native artists who are pushing the boundaries of music with infusions of jazz, blues, country, rap and classical expression.

Taheebvu Chadi:
Judy Trejo shares the legend of the Paiute Flood and how Creator brought sagebrush to help her southwest desert people. This legendary story as well as the sagebrush baskets traditionally made by the Paiute people, are two of many expressions of native art from Great Basin culture.

Turtle Island Storytellers:
Ed Edmo, of Shoshone-Bannock, Yakama, Nez Perce and French descent, tells traditional legends from the Columbia River Gorge located in the Pacific Northwest. Ed tells how, as a young boy, he sat at the feet of his father and his grandmother as they told these stories of their ancestors. Special attention is paid to ancient rock art and the legend behind the famous Columbia River petroglyph “She Who Watches.”

Program host Arlie Neskahi speaks of the essential core of native art and how today’s native artists are opening their dreams to share with the world their new ideas along with the ancient insights that are their inspiration.