Northwest Indian Storytellers Association (NISA) Membership Form

Washington, Oregon and Idaho tribal members, along with the region’s urban Indian storytellers from other nations around Turtle Island, are welcome to join the Northwest Indian Storytellers Association (NISA).

You don’t have to be a master storyteller to join NISA. Emerging tribal storytellers and those who would like to start learning their tribe’s stories are also welcome to join. You will have opportunities to get acquainted with elder and fellow storytellers and learn from them during storytelling workshops held annually as part of storytelling festival weekends.

Northwest Indian Storytellers Association (NISA) Mission Statement:

The Northwest Indian Storytellers Association (NISA) was formed in 2005 by Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. (WISDOM) to encourage, preserve and strengthen traditional storytelling among tribes and urban Indian communities in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. In the spirit of race reconciliation, NISA shares tribal oral tradition and cultural arts with our entire regional community at our annual storytelling festivals. NISA and its festival events contribute to Wisdom’s mission of Native American cultural sustainability, education and race reconciliation.

Membership is free.

Please fill in the form below and click on “Submit”.

You may also print and e-mail or mail to:
Email: [email protected]

NISA Coordinator
Wisdom of the Elders, Inc.
3203 SE 109th Avenue
Portland, OR 97266

Call:  (503) 775-4014 for more info.

NISA Membership