Note from Wisdom of the Elders

Dear Wisdom Community, 

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone in our community had a wonderful holiday season.

Our Winter Fundraising Drive continues this month, and we sincerely thank everyone that has made a contribution and kept our fundraising drive a success.

Wisdom received exciting news last month that we’d like to share with you:

The National Endowment for the Humanities has announced funding for Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. to provide its Native youth leadership initiative, Discovering Yidong Xinag* (DYX) to underserved Native youth near Oregon’s rural reservations plus Chemawa Indian School. Wisdom of the Elders will receive $50,000 in funding from NEH!

Wisdom has provided environmental science curriculum and activities in local natural areas to Native American/Alaskan Native/Pacific Islander students, educators and public audiences in Portland, Oregon since 2012. (*means “Discovering the Old Wisdom” in Deg Xinag dialect of Athabascan)

This initiative will help Wisdom expand capacity to provide Discovering Yidong Xinag to Oregon’s Native American and other low-income underrepresented students, families and educators near Oregon’s Indian reservations.

In order for Wisdom to move forward with this funding, we have to match it 100% in fundraising dollars. We are almost there and have about $6500 left to go.

Please take us into consideration and help us push through to this goal at the start of this new year.

Happy 2018!

– Wisdom of the Elders Staff