Volunteer with Wisdom of the Elders

Photo by Ann Morin

Photo by Ann Morin

The Wisdom of the Elders community recognizes the importance of preserving indigenous knowledge, oral tradition and storytelling. Some of our volunteers learn about us from attending one of our annual events. Others find us on the web and listen to our radio programming online.

Wherever and however you discovered us, there seems to be a common thread. You were moved by the story. You felt a deep part of yourself reach out and meet us. And this connection has grown into a desire to explore our organization in a deeper way.


“I am so grateful to the Turtle Island Storytellers and to those who had the foresight to produce the Wisdom of the Elders programs.

The impact of the programming is like a stone thrown in calm water. The ripples move out in an ever increasing circle touching and gently moving that which is in it’s wake.

Pilamaya pejuta.”

– Black Bear Man Who Walks From The South

Behind the scenes, WISDOM isn’t just an organization. It’s a community. Our Board of Directors represents a diverse collection of tribal affiliations and other cultures. Our ages span three generations. We are here because we feel called to be here. We work together and share food together. We play together and pray together. We honor Creator and learn through our elders how to honor all of creation.

We’d like to offer you an invitation to become a volunteer and join us. Along with our radio programming, public storytelling events, and quarterly Friends of Wisdom of the Elders celebrations, we are accomplishing our mission of Native American cultural preservation, education and race reconciliation in several ways. We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message below and we can do great things together.