South Dakota

Turtle Island Storyteller Marcella LeBeau

Marcella Ryan LeBeau is a member of the Two Kettle Band of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and lives in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. Her Lakota name is Wigmuke Waste Win (Pretty Rainbow Woman) Her great-grandfather, Chief Joseph Four Bear (Mato Topa), signed the Fort Laramie Treaty in 1868. Her grandmother, Louise Bear Face, was…

Turtle Island Storyteller Kevin Locke

Kevin Locke

Kevin Locke

Buffalo Dance Song

Well, that is a traditional song. It really is a traditional song, but it’s a Buffalo Dance song.

I used to travel around with this group from Rosebud. It was Ben Black Bear, Sr. and Lloyd One Star and the old Iron Wood Singers. A group of us performed different traditional dances.

In one of the song, in one of the dances was a Buffalo Dance. Ben Black Bear had this song. He was really a treasure, just a walking encyclopedia of traditional knowledge. He had this real beautiful Buffalo Dance song.

I’ve never heard it since then. That was the only time. Nobody’s used it. You know, it’s been like thirty years since I’ve heard them sing it. 

Turtle Island Storyteller Donald Montileaux

Don Montileaux

Don Montileaux

Ledger Art

My name is Don Montileaux. I’m an Oglala Lakota from the Pine Ridge Reservation and that’s located in South Dakota.

Basically I guess I had my formal art training here in Rapid City, South Dakota where I live currently. I have a family of three: older daughter, son and younger daughter. My youngest daughter is 18 and just got accepted into IAIA in Sante Fe, New Mexico, which is really a coup for me because that’s where I went to school and basically learned all my artwork that I use today. My wife’s name is Paulette Monitleaux. She’s the curator at the Sioux Indian Museum in Rapid City.