Turtle Island Storyteller Karen Kitchen

Karen Kitchen

Karen Kitchen

Cedar Rose, Painted Sky and Border Crossing

Hello, my name is Karen Kitchen and I’m a member of the Osage nation of Oklahoma. I grew up in Oklahoma, but I’ve lived here in Oregon since the early 1980’s. I work as an educator and a musician. I’ve work for Portland public schools for many many years and the last 10 yrs I been at the Indian Education Program, which is a Title VII program. I have the wonderful opportunity to work with American Indians, Alaskan natives, students and their families – grades K-12 –

Turtle Island Storyteller Robert Greygrass

You Can Make a Voice Thank you my relatives and nation for being here today. My name in English is Robert and my Lakota name is Tagniokikpeensi. I’m Lakota, Tsalagi, French and Irish. I’m a storyteller and a singer. I’ve been recognized by many different elders from many different tribes and given their blessing to…