Turtle Island Storyteller Dennis Zotigh

Sayn Day, the Very First Man

Dennis Zotigh

Greetings! My name is Dennis Zotigh. I belong to the Kiowa, Santee Dakota and San Juan Pueblo tribes. I am an American Indian Research Historian for the Oklahoma Historical Society. I am also a consultant and lecturer. I’ve been involved in projects with the National Public Radio, National Geographic Magazine, ABC and NBC Television, the British Museum and Nash Museum (National Museum of the American Indians).

Turtle Island Storyteller Gordon Yellowman, Sr.

Sweet Medicine

My name is Gordon Yellowman, Sr. and my Cheyenne name is (L), which means ‘Yellow Hawk’. I’m a member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma, but I’m also a traditional leader among the Cheyenne people in regards to membership. I serve as a traditional chief to the Council of Forty-Four, the traditional peacemakers of the Cheyenne people.

Turtle Island Storyteller Katherine Dickerson

Saynday, the Mythical Folk Hero of the Kiowa

Katherine Dickerson

Hi, my name is Katherine Dickerson. My Kiowa name is Tah’Po-Mah – named after my great grandmother. I am a registered member of the Kiowa tribe of Oklahoma. Haungooah, English translation Silverhorn. The Kiowa are located in the southwest part of Oklahoma with rocky rough terrain, rolling hills, windswept bluffs, and wide open plains spread out from the Wichita mountains as far as the eye can see.

Turtle Island Storyteller Kricket Connywerdy


Kricket Connywerdy

Ah ho. Thank you for allowing me to share some stories with you. My name is Kricket Rhoads-Connywerdy. I am Kiowa and Caddo and I am a member of the Caddo Nation. The Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma and I’m a Henry on my Caddo side and a Keah Bone on my Kiowa side. Keah Bone means savior in Kiowa. From what I understand, my ancestor went and when they were having a battle the people would fall on the battleground and he would go out and bring them back to safety when they weren’t able to reach it on their own. So that’s how we got the name Keah Bone, which means savior.

Turtle Island Storyteller Moses Starr

I’m Doing This Because I am a Man

Moses Starr

My name is Moses Starr and I’m a southern Cheyenne of Oklahoma. This morning I just want to tell you a little bit about the tribes on the Plains and the way that they lived a long time ago before the Englishmen or the Spanish came over.

Turtle Island Storyteller Presley Byington

How We Got Our Name

Presley Byington

My name is Presley Byington and I’m within the Choctaw tribe here in the state of Oklahoma. I live in Idabel Oklahoma. It’s back there in the southeastern corner about 20 miles from Arkansas and about 20 miles form Texas.