North Dakota

Turtle Island Storyteller Rodney Howling Wolf

Rodney Howling Wolf

Rodney Howling Wolf

My name is Rodney Howling Wolf. I’m 64 years old. I’m from White Shield, North Dakota. I’m an Arikara. My mother was Mabel Bear Howling Wolf. My father was Dan Howling Wolf. My mother’s father was the Arikara chief. His name was Floyd Sitting Bear Floyd’s father was Sitting Bear and Sitting Bear’s father was Son of the Star. That’s the line that I’m from on my mother’s side.

Turtle Island Storyteller Virgil Chase

Virgil Chase

Virgil Chase

My name is Virgil Chase, Sr. My father was Frank Chase. He was a Mandan Hidatsa Sioux. His father was named Foolish. He was killed with, there was five Arikara, Bear Turning, Bear Going In Woods, he was wounded in the service as a U.S. scout. Little Crow with Standing Bear and Black Shirt were killed. My father’s, father’s, father’s name was Foolish Wolf, a Mandan. He was killed also at that time.

Turtle Island Storyteller Yvonne Fox

Indian Medicine

My name is Yvonne Fox. My Indian name is White Buffalo Woman. It’s Danaha Daga or it’s Danaga, Dana Hadaga. My great grandfather was Little Sioux who was a scout with Custer during the battle of Little Big Horn and did have a medal from that time.

Turtle Island Storyteller Zona Loans Arrow

Every Tree Has Its Own Name

Zona Loans Arrow

My name is Zona Loans Arrow now.

Everybody roamed this country. It was theirs. Tunkasina, Wakan Tanka created us and put us on this Turtle Island to take care of this Earth, so that it’ll replenish and we would benefit.

They were to follow the herds of buffalo, deer, antelope, whatever. They were meat-eating people and then herbs, too. They used the herbs as medicine.