Turtle Island Storyteller Nakia Williamson-Cloud

A Way of Seeing The World

Nakia Williamson

My name is Nakia Williamson. The focus of my work is basically to perpetuate ideas and thoughts of the Nez Perce people of my own family and the elders that I’ve been able to be around, which is sometimes counter to what the outside culture sees the function of art being.

Turtle Island Storyteller Rosa Yearout

Born and Reborn

Rosa Yearout

My name is Rosa Yearout in English and my Nez Perce name is Wi’cesa, which is translated as “Born and Reborn.” This is the name that my mother, Rena Katherine Ramsey, had and she had received that from her grandmother, Wicesa. My maiden name was Spencer. My first marriage was to Larry McFarland. We were married for about 15 years when we lost him in a car accident. I was a widow with seven children when I met and eventually married a bachelor, Jonathan Yearout, my current husband. He was from the Yakima Valley in Washington and he moved here to Lapwai, Idaho. We’ve been married for 33 years.

Turtle Island Storyteller Rose Ann Abrahamson

Lemhi Shoshone Expedition Member, Sacajawea: A Symbol of Peace Rose Ann Abrahamson is an educator/cultural historian and teaches at the tribal school. She is Lemhi Shoshone. She is the Great-great-great-niece of Sacajawea (the famous Lemhi Shoshone woman whe traveled with the Lewis & Clark Expedition), through Chief Cameahwait (brother of Sacajawea), and the great-great granddaughter…