Series Three

Program 308: The Chinook Tribe

Audio and Transcripts

Chinook Canoe, courtesy National Geographic

Chinook Canoe, courtesy National Geographic

Historical Introduction: Arlie Neskahi tells of the Chinook tribe’s 1805-1806 encounter with the Lewis and Clark Expedition and discusses the history of their people since the Expedition as the tribe strives to achieve recognition from the federal government.

Elder Wisdom: Brian Bull shares the stories and heritage of Chinook elders, Millie and George Lagergren, who continue to practice the Chinook traditions, basketweaving, canoe building, paddle-making… and telling stories of the early years.

Speaking Native: Don Addison teaches us that the term “Chinook language” and “Chinook Wa-Wa, known as Chinook jargon, refers to several different trade languages.